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Data Centre Engineer

Our client a notable IT Solution Provider specialising in Cybersecurity Solutions, is hiring a Data Center Engineer to assist with facilitating the DC operations. 

Responsibilities: c

  • Oversee building and data center facilities, monitor and report on systems.

  • Administer and document preventative maintenance programs.

  • Prepare monthly SLA reports on equipment uptime, power usage, and temperature.

  • Respond to emergencies and be available 24/7.

  • Oversee new data center projects and renovations.

  • Handle site inspections and audits.

  • Schedule and track servicing jobs, manage vendors.

  • Maintain high customer service standards.

  • Manage all facilities contracts.


  • Relevant experience in data center facility management and vendor management is required.

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills are necessary.

  • Project management experience is preferred.

  • Excellent multi-tasking and job tracking abilities are important.

  • Broad-based knowledge and skills in building technology, mechanical and electrical services, and facilities management are essential


Note : Only shortlisted candidates will be notified 


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