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Recruitment Services (continued..)

Temporary to Permanent

The average cost of replacing somebody is 1.5 times that person's salary, plus the productivity loss. This emphasises the need to hire the right person. By hiring someone on a temporary to permanent basis, you can assess the individual's capabilities before offering them a permanent contract. In this way, only the very best individuals will advance to becoming a permanent member of your workforce.


The benefits you will receive from using Just Recruit Recruitment as a supplier of temporary staff are as follows:

• Just Recruit Recruitment has a vast database of temporary staff and contractors who will add value to your company immediately.
• We can provide you with temporary members of staff quickly and efficiently to minimise down time, whether this be from maternity leave, sick leave or for project work.
• We will deal with all administrative tasks required, including payroll, National Insurance and tax obligations.
• We have expert employment law knowledge and can provide you with guidance on employment law issues.
• We can assist you in ensuring you are managing your workforce efficiently, and save you money.
• We are able to deal with high volume temporary staff.
• Maximise your company's flexibility by being able to scale up/down your workforce quickly, to accommodate your business volumes.
Try before you buy. Assess whether the individual is the right fit for your company without a drop in productivity.
• We keep in touch with our temps to ensure that they are happy within the role, and can "backfill" if required to ensure you are never left without anybody due to sickness/holiday etc.
• Through the use of the TEAM network, we can leverage over 300 offices nationwide and have experience in assisting with high volume requirements nationally and locally.
• We have an exemplary history with regards to our temp desk services. We are on call 24/7 to assist you with any temp requirements/issues, and will exceed your expectations in the professional and friendly service that we provide.


AWR was implemented on 1 October 2011. We have been working with our clients since then to ensure a seamless transition and have not experienced any issues. We will ensure that you are compliant with the AWR obligations and have vast legal and professional resources at our fingertips.